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Through 130 years the exhibition has earned a rich material of catalogues and posters. These have not been exhibited before. Many of the posters and catalogs are made by famous artists / designers such as Andreas Bloch, Willibald Storn, Leif Anisdahl, Paul Brand and Terje Roalkvam - and in recent years NODE, Eriksen/Brown and Yokoland. In March 2017 we could welcome the public to a exhibition at Grafill: The Autumn Exhibition - Posters and catalogs, from 1882 to 2016.
The exhibition was curated by Aslak Rønsen from Yokoland and journalist and designer Thea Urdal.



Photo: Grafill.no

Thanks to Grafillfor support and exhibition space
Thanks to the National Library for the lending of posters and catalogs
Thanks to Thea Urdal and Aslak Gurholt Rønsen